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Let’s Create Your Perfect Holiday

Holidays shouldn’t be a commodity that you can buy “off the shelf” from a brochure. Sure there are times, particularly at the last minute, when a package holiday can offer the best solution but in most instances you’ll be compromising (flying from a distant airport, travelling on non-ideal dates, staying at a hotel that isn’t really “you) a small or large part of your hard earned time away.

Throwing away the brochure and starting from scratch is where we truly excel. We sit down with our clients and have a detailed chat about what it is they want from their holiday exactly. Some clients have a very firm of what they want to do and are just seeking our advise as to how to add the “whistles and bells” whilst others come to us with a blank canvas just looking for us (together) to create something truly special, memorable and unique.

So, if you find that travel brochures don’t offer the kind of holiday you are after and you’d like some expert advice from a consultant who has personally travelled the globe then please get in touch with a member of our team, or pop into our office… we’d be delighted to talk to you..

Yes, we can absolutely find the best package for you and sell from a brochure but where we excel is using our extensive knowledge and experience to “package something up” that is special for you personally, not pre-prepared for the mass market.
Call us up or visit us at our beautiful office. We’ll sit down and have a chat over a coffee so we can gain a full understanding of what you are after from your holiday. We’ll discuss initial ideas and then come back to you with more detailed itineraries and options for your consideration.
Creating a Tailor Made holiday doesn’t have to mean you need a huge holiday budget. We work with all our clients no matter whether they have a 3 figure or 5 figure spend available (we’ve dealt with 7 figures on a couple of occasions!). Creating a memorable holiday isn’t about money it’s about creating some personal, something special this can equally be a weekend away in the UK as a Round the World cruise.
As a 100% independent business we have no quotas to sell, no preferred end suppliers so you can be sure that our advice and recommendations are made fully with your needs at the heart.